Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 Hottest NCAA Basketball Coaches (BCS Conferences)

With March Madness quickly approaching and the coaches turning up the heat on their players, I figured it would be a great time to list the best looking NCAA basketball coaches from the BCS conferences.  (That includes the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac 12 and SEC if you were wondering.)  Some of these choices were easy to make as they fill out a suit perfectly.  Now, let's go into the locker room and find out who among the men are the sexiest.  Off we go!


Rick Stansbury (Former Longtime Coach at Mississippi State) - To be honest, I had no clue that Stansbury was not the coach at Mississippi State anymore until I looked up the list of coach's names.  I was shocked!  This man always put a little hop in my step whether I was seeing him on television being interviewed or in person.  (Note:  He is much better looking in person and especially close up.)  I am not sure what he is up to now but if he happens to get bored, I will answer his phone call anytime.

#10 - Rick Barnes (Texas) - Despite the fact that his teams never have lived up to expectations and I have a feeling he is a bit anorexic, Barnes makes my top 10 just on pure handsome looks.  The former Clemson coach has been a favorite of mine for years now.  His long fingers are sexy even when doing the "Hook 'Em Horns" sign and a sign that everything MIGHT hopefully be bigger in Texas.

#9 - Roy Williams (North Carolina) - Sure, he is one of the biggest weasels in college basketball, once compared a Tarheel loss to the Haiti earthquake catastrophe and even incurred my wrath after leaving his walk on players on the floor to survive a storming of the court while he went to the safety of the locker room but just LOOK at that gray hair and face.  He looks like the older teacher you would have in high school that you had the crush on.  Also, look at how he squats down!  That has to be worth extra points in the bedroom!

#8 - Bruce Weber (Kansas State) - Another silver fox that led Illinois to the 2005 National Championship game, ultimately losing to the guy above, Weber has now taken his dashing good looks to Manhattan.  Unfortunately, it is the one in Kansas and not the one where I live.  I would have shared my efficient studio apartment with him, especially had he brought along the orange sport coats he used to wear while coaching the Illini.

#7 - Billy Donovan (Florida) - A two time National Champion and the most successful understudy of Rick Pitino, Donovan has been roaming the sidelines for the Gators for what seems like decades.  While he is not the traditionally good looking type, his muscular build more than makes up for it.  I would love to do a Gator Chomp on his pecs and biceps anytime!

#6 - John Beilein (Michigan) - One of the more under appreciated coaches in the NCAA, Beilein has brought Michigan back to heights they haven't seen since they paid the Fab Five.  While he is underrated as a coach, he is most likely overrated on this list due to the fact that there always seems to be something going on down below his belt during Michigan games.  (These are things I notice while watching meaningless games in December.)  If Beilein has any sense of humor, the nickname for his junk HAS to be "The Big House".

#5 - Mike Brey (Notre Dame) - Another example of a man who looks better in person than in pictures, I recently saw Mike Brey at the Audi Club in Yankee Stadium back in September.  Of course, no one believed me that it was him.  I had to Google it to prove my point.  Brey has a five o'clock shadow to die for and a rough manliness exterior.  All we have to do is talk about those mock turtlenecks he tends to wear.  What the hell is that Mike?  Please don't be like Phil Mickelson!

#4 - Brian Gregory (Georgia Tech) - I have a confession.  If you would have asked me who was the coach at Georgia Tech before I started making this list, I would have had no clue.  (Bobby Cremeans would have been my guess.)  Now that I know, I am going to make a point to tune into more Yellow Jacket games.  Apparently at Dayton before being hired at Tech, Gregory will be on this list for a long time.  Now, I need to book a flight to Atlanta to see him in person.

#3 - Mark Gottfried (N.C. State) - Gottfried is much more likable now that he is not employed at that crappy school in Tuscaloosa.  He is now the leader of the Wolfpack and looking better than ever.  Age has been great to Mr. Gottfried and he has been even better to State, leading them back to relevance.  Now, let's act like he never coached at that other school, make amends and cuddle.

#2 - Steve Lavin (St. John's) - A great looking man who is a better analyst than coach, Lavin has had a couple of rough years as he was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2011.  Despite that, he has put together a couple of top ten recruiting classes that the Red Storm faithful will help bring back the glory of the 80's to Queens.  Now, let's meet up sometime Steve so I can Storm your prostate.

#1 - Jay Wright (Villanova) - GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!  If Fred Couples did not exist, Jay Wright would be my perfect man.  The little dash of salt and pepper hair combined with the way he wears a suit makes me want to enroll at Villanova today.  Do they have a fashion program where I could measure his inseam?  Well, enough from me and let's get to the pictures.

"I have this all under control.  Now, give me a second and this suit will be off."

He is obviously trying to find me in the stands.  Sorry Jay, next time buddy.

Is that a bulge in your pants Mr. Wright?  I figured I gave you enough last night.


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