Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 10 Most Handsome In Sports Media

(Just like I did with NCAA Football Coaches, NCAA Basketball Coach, NFL Coaches and PGA Tour Golfers, I have made a list of the most handsome men in sports media.  This list will include broadcasters, analysts, studio hosts and sideline men.  Please note that I left Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo off this list due to them being on another list.  Here we go!)


Don Orsillo - Major points for being a man's man.  He looks like a man who enjoys a bloody mary in Nantucket while wearing seersucker shorts and boat shoes.  I always do enjoy that look.

(UPDATE:  I was right about the boat shoes!!!  Negative points for the dip in his mouth though.)

Dan Shulman - Now the play by play guy for Sunday Night Baseball, this Canuck reeks of the same sexiness that Representative Russo does on "House of Cards".  Shulman shows that being bald can also be sexy, especially when he has that five o'clock shadow going on on his face.  You have to admit he is MUCH better to look at than Jon Miller!

Rece Davis - The college basketball and football studio host would have made the Top Ten except for the fact he is an University of Alabama alumni.  Some things can't be overlooked.  Sorry Rece, maybe next time buddy.

10.  Jimmy Dykes - The lovable college basketball color analyst is a must Twitter follow for all you Tweeters out there.  He regularly responds to fans and even took it on himself to retweet my question of "Who has the better calf muscles: Jimmy Dykes or Jay Bilas?" after I saw this picture.  

That will earn you bonus points every time Jimmy Boy!  (UPDATE:  Jimmy Dykes has blocked me on Twitter.  What the hell is that about Jimmy?)

9.  Kevin Tibbles - The second Canuck to make this list, Mr. Tibbles is more widely known as a NBC correspondent and a fill-in at times for Brian Williams.  However, Kevin covers sports often for NBC including each Olympics, garnering enough time to be considered a member of the sports media.  Oh, and who could turn down a guy wearing THIS jersey?

In this one, he makes Ryan Lochte look like a chump!  (Wait, that is every look for Lochte.  Never mind!)

8.  John Giannone - This reporter literally gives up his body (or, you know, face) for his profession.  The NY Rangers sideline man, John is a rough and tumble man who exudes manliness.  Even with a broken nose, I would not throw him off my sheets of ice.  He is one that just gets better with age.

7.  Jay Bilas - I never got the answer to whether Jay or Jimmy Dykes had the better calf muscles.  Maybe I can get a personal close up sometime.  Not only is Mr. Bilas a well-respected basketball commentator, he also has a law degree from Duke that he earned while being an assistant coach under Coach K.  Although he is losing more and more hair, his tall frame and chiseled looks make me want to jump in the Duke showers after a game of one-on-one with him.

6.  Howie Long - Salt 'N' Pepa's song "What A Man" was surely inspired by Mr. Long himself.  He even makes the flat top look look good for once.  Despite having Terry Bradshaw on as well, Howie makes NFL on Fox watchable.  Now, let's just make him broadcast shirtless every now and then and we have a winner.  His son Jake has a LOT to live up to in 25 years.

5.  Frank Nobilo - Who you might say?  Well, please introduce yourself to Mr. Nobilo, the sexy man from the Golf Channel.  This Kiwi makes me want to catch the next flight to New Zealand and see if there are any more of him.  Fifty-three years old, this salt and peppered beast can deliver a hole in one anytime.

4.  Steve Phillips - Sure, he might have been a horrible general manager for the Mets, might have had an affair with a woman not even CLOSE to being attractive enough for him and might not be the greatest announcer in the world but, dear god, just LOOK at him!  I don't blame that girl one bit for sleeping with Steve even if it did cost her her job at ESPN and lead to some public embarrassment.  The only thing she should be ashamed about is not holding on to him!

3.  Al Leiter - Quick!  Name the two teams that Leiter won the World Series with!  I bet you can't without looking it up.  (Answer:  1992/1993 Blue Jays and 1997 Marlins.)  But this list isn't about someone's career but how hot they are and Mr. Leiter is right up there.  Now a broadcaster for the Yankees, Al lights up the camera each night he appears which, when standing next to Michael Kay, is easy to do.  Leiter was a seasoned left-handed pitcher that can play pitch and catch with me any day he wants.

2.  Rich Gannon - Nothing excites me more than when I turn on the Bengals on a Sunday and am treated to the sweet sight of Mr. Gannon covering that game for CBS.  The former quarterback is, well, pretty much perfect.  Named the twenty-eighth greatest quarterback of the modern era by Football Nation, Rich is number one in my book of quarterbacks who I want standing behind me in a huddle.

1.  Chris Fowler - The man who can broadcast anything is on top of this list because of his personality, his body and his absolutely amazing face.  I have been a fan of Fowler since the mid-90's when College GameDay started becoming the phenomenon it is now.  Putting up with Lee Corso all of these years has to be a rough job but he has become more and more handsome as the years go on.  Waking up to his face on a fall Saturday is a treat even to this day.  Now, let's discuss why ESPN hates Auburn so much, okay Mr. Fowler?

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