Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ed Hochuli for 2014 ESPN Magazine's Body Issue

Dear ESPN Magazine's Body Issue Editors:

First of all, I would like to applaud you for including Gary Player in the latest Body Issue of your magazine.  He is a testament to the fact that, while you can't help getting older, you don't have to let your body go.  He looks great for his age and stands up well next to the much younger athletes you chose.

Now, let's get to the real reason I am writing.  I, among millions of NFL followers, are fans of referee Ed Hochuli.  His extended explanations of penalties and rulings on the field made him noticeable but let's be real: his body, especially his biceps, have made him famous.  From television commentators to actual NFL players, his "guns" have been lauded on national television, Facebook and in magazine articles.  With each penalty called by his referee team, we anxiously wait for the close up of Ed explaining the call and flexing his pecs to show everyone who is the boss.

Listen, I am not going to make promises but I think it would be the greatest seller of any issue you would ever publish.  Sure, these athletes that you put in your issue are all well built and all but sometimes we need variety.  Hochuli seems like the perfect older person to follow Mr. Player.  He has the fans and he has the body.  Just look at these pictures below:

Not many referees have a photo shoot of their workout routine.  In fact, neither do many players.

Let me see Josh Isner or John Wall do a curl like this!

An attorney in his day job, could you imagine being an opposing client, attorney or, hell, even the judge looking at those guns?

Even the most powerful man in the NFL is afraid of Hochuli.  Who else can pull off a sleeveless shirt like this?



Ed Hochuli Fans Everywhere!

(P.S.  I would also personally like Fred Couples in there.  Thanks!)

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